The Primary Objectives of the Corporation

To provide the necessary expertise in managing the clients’ program from initial concept to completion of the event.
To exceed our clients’ expectations.
To provide an event that will be remembered as a "Unique Experience".
To maintain a consistent, high level of service.
To be fair, honest and ethical in all dealings with our employees, clients & suppliers.

Our Offers

Full Services Planner

We as a planner are the person who can and will do it all (from Pin to an Airplane). If someone wanted to go with our Full Services Option then Spectacular. This means, the client gets help with every aspect of their event/ wedding, including managing and attending other vendor meetings together among much more.

Event Coordination

On the day of your special event, a coordinator would be there from before the starting of the event until the light been shut down to make sure everything runs smoothly and on schedule. Coordinators are truly lifesavers so that family and friends can enjoy the special day and not have to worry about behind-the-scenes details.

Venue Managing

We’ll suggest you a venue that fit the best to your activity operations such as concert halls, marriage banquets, performance theaters, conference centers, sports arenas, grounds and hotels in your respected areas where you wish to organize your event and to manager/ oversee event operations.

Timeless Planner

A planner would also be hired for clients. Timeless planner will do the partial planning. Perhaps, means you already have half of the details aligned, but need help with the rest. If that’s the case, the Timeless planner service would be perfect for you!

Event Planning

We understand each event is different in its nature so process of planning & execution of each event differs on basis of type of event, therefore our planners will plan accordingly as per the desired requirement of the client.


Percentage (%) of the total event budget.
Full Services Planner (20%), Event Coordination (15%), Venue Managing (10%), Event Planning (10%) & Timeless Planner (5%)

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Event Management

  • Turning Ideas into Action

  • Turning Dreams into Reality

  • We do all the work, and You get all the credit

  • The vision is to zoom to perfection!

  • Creating with Creativity